Office of administration was founded together with the founding of Ho Chi Minh City Open University with the office of administration and finance as its first name. Through years of forming and developing, the office of administration has successfully consulted rectors about administrating, planning, providing information for management, managing properties, equipment, facilities, guaranteeing security of the university.

Consulting Rector about administration, security, managing and organizing cars, managing lands, buildings, machinery and facilities of the university.


Coordinating with departments to collect, manage, follow and prompt implementing general undertakings, plans and reports of the university.

Consulting, building plans and organizing security, fire fighting and self-defense team of the university.

Being responsible for administration, documenting, filing and managing seals according to present law.

Leading, coordinating with related departments in performing reception work of the university. Being responsible for greeting procedures, decorating activities, sounds and lights and assuring all required conditions for conferences at the university.

Managing EGOV, the electronic administrating system software.

Planning on short-term and long-term facilities for developing the university.

Proposing solutions of exploiting rooms. Being responsible for minor repairing, maintaining, upgrading, improving and minor purchasing facilities for rooms and studying location of the university.

Being responsible for searching and proposing leasing locations for studying and teaching of the university.

Arranging annual inventory checking, properties managing, proposing about liquidating old assets. Evaluating the effectiveness of purchasing, utilizing facilities of departments of the university.

Nguyen Hoang Thinh
Vice Director
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Tel: (84-028) 38364748
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