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Ho Chi Minh City Open University (HCMCOU) was founded in 1993 to meet the needs of educational transforma­tion and improvement in educator’s knowledge and skills in Vietnam. HCMCOU has formally become a public University since 2006, which offers multi-degree programs across a wide range of subjects in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Academic excellence and integrity in higher education have been the core value of our institution for the past 25 years and will remain the guiding principle of our future development. We have determined that by the year of 2023, HCMCOU will be a leading university in Vietnam, providing outstanding and collegial environment in learning and research, and thus innovative solutions to economic, social and technological challenges. Furthermore, we will focus on educational effective­ness, service quality, professional and creative standards. Towards these specific goals and as evidenced by our remarkable achievements and sustainable growth in the past, we are confident that we will continue to make considerable and creative contribution to the prosperity and well-being of our nation.

HCMCOU is also one of the leading providers of distance education in Vietnam.We serve a broad range of professional needs of our national economy. We have built and maintained productive partnerships with domestically and internation­ally respected universities as well as other distance education associations. We remain fully committed to ensuring the strategic reform of learning outcomes and provisions of variety of programs and courses. Our commitments to the educational opportunities are further reflected by the combination of theory and practical applications, promotion of flexible learning and development of up-to-date learning materials.

As Vietnam continues to integrate into the world economy and trading system so does HCMCOU’s focus of lifelong learning aim at global partnership formation by its students and faculty members. We are a dynamic University with a bright future ahead. HCMCOU has and will continue on an exciting journey for discovery and innovations advanc­ing humankind’s knowledge. Our doors are always open to everyone irrespective of one’s background and that whether your interests are to pursue a degree or to participate in continuing education.



35-37 Ho Hao Hon Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (84-028) 38364748
Fax: (84-028) 39207639 hoặc (84-028)-39207640
Email: ou@ou.edu.vn
Website: http://www.ou.edu.vn