According to Decision No. 56/QĐ-ĐHM dated on 28/01/2011 about promulgating temporary regulations about functions and missions of departments of Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Office of student affairs's functions and missions are as below.

Consulting the rector about organizing extracurricular programs for staffs, students; managing and supporting services for students.


- Planning and organizing political, thought, ethics educating. Effectively managing the political and security of the university.

- Organizing the week of students orientation according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the university.

- Organizing seminars about latest news, legal study, Party resolutions for staffs and students; cooperating with other departments to organize communication between administrators and students.

- Organizing propaganda for public holidays, feasts, policies of the government and the university.

- Collecting, storing pictures, materials, information about activities of the university, managing the university history room; providing newspapers, journals for departments of the university.

- Organizing university opening ceremony, graduation ceremony and managing graduation robes.

- Planning to organize annual athletic events, musical performance contests and other extracurricular activities for students. Cooperating with the university union to organize extracurricular activities for staffs. Forming, developing sports teams and musical teams of students and staffs. Planning for founding clubs, societies in the university.

- Consulting, following and supporting activities of youth union, Student association and alumni.

- Applying government policies regarding tuition fee support for students, clarifying and financially support students.

- Cooperating with other departments to follow, evaluate regarding students’ academic performance and discipline, rewarding accomplishments in extracurricular events; giving scholarship for students.

- Support students in terms of scholarship, career consulting, job finding; issuing certificate (non-academic) for prioritized loan.

- Following the evaluating and certifying academic performance and behavioral conduct of students. Managing lists of academic consultants, class monitors and administrators to pay salary accordingly.

- Providing services for students, training students regarding soft skills.

- Organizing meeting with domestic students for HCMCOU’s students, cooperating with other departments to organize meeting with foreign students.

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