The establishment of the eLearning Center is considered as an initial step in building a cyber university under the umbrella of Ho Chi Minh City Open University. eLearning Center aims to support students, faculty and staff in online distance learning. We collaborate with different departments, offices and centers on campus to offer fully online degree programs and support hybrid (blended) classes.

ELearning Center of HCMC Open University is honored to provide a more flexible learning delivery format for those who wish to pursue their educational dreams without being far away from home and leaving their jobs.

1. Why to choose Ho Chi Minh City Open University eLearning Programs?

  • ✤ Learning once – receiving many reputation degrees and certificates
    • - Quality certificates: Students will be provided the certificates in learning process.
    • - Ensuring programs: transpicuous examination, quality assurance.
    • - Reputation degrees: Ho Chi Minh City Open University offers degrees which are nationally valuable for further learning.
  • ✤ Quality training program
    • - The training program is gravely codified. There are many practical exercises in order to ensure the optimum of practicalabilitiesfor students.
    • - Students have opportunities to learn and interact with experts who stand among the leaders in their domains of business, and services.
    • - Most of lecturers are graduates of prestigious universities in abroad, understanding practical knowledge and having a wide of teaching experience.
    • - The learning materials are carefully compiled and closed to career reality.
  • ✤ The glorious utilities for student supports
    • - The high – quality Online Bachelor Program brings the modern learning experiences which help students benefit the international knowledge easily with a variety of utilities for a reasonable cost.
    • - Providing Harvard study guide as well as learning instructions for students: Students will not only get the Business Handbook of Harvard Business School for free, but also will be guided through learning process.
    • - Free learning for other certificates: Free learning professional certificates belonging to other sectors, increased career opportunities and job skills after graduation.
    • - International Knowledge: Receiving the quintessence of the quality international partners. The training program was developed basing on the cooperation with prestigious universities in the world.
    • - Providing Skill Books as well as learning instructions for students: Students will be sponsored the skill books including administration, sales, marketing of great minds such as John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Michael Porter,…
    • - Sponsoring the English Course: Students will be sponsored the top elective English Course from Europe and America. Moreover, students will be guided to study this course during their learning process.
    • - Learning Convenience: Learning anytime, anywhere students want or they can, 90% of online learning will help students save the most of their learning time.
  • ✤ The advanced support services
    • - Every class offers instrutor – led, in – depth support for learning process of every student.
    • - Specialized subjects will be hold in offline sessions, and students will have opportunities to discuss with experts.
    • - Offline sessions will be held at high quality and well – equipped campuses of Ho Chi Minh City Open University.
    • - Call Center will support during learning process of students.

2. Programs

  • Bachelor's Degrees

      Currently, we offer two online Bachelor's Degrees: 1) Accountancy, 2) Business Administration. Some courses may require occasional face-to-face meetings or classes. Please refer to the specific program for further information.
    • Bachelor of Arts in Accountacy (Insert the curriculum framework in pdf format)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Insert the curriculum framework in pdf format)

The Bachelor's Degrees was designed based on bottom-up approach in which learners can achieve different diplomas and start working with those diplomas before completing the whole undergraduate program.


We also offer online diplomas which can be accumulated to receive the bachelor degree after fulfilling all the courses as described in the below framework

  • ✤Accountancy:
  • ✤Business Administration:

3. LMS Support

If you are trying to tackle a technical problem with our LMS, please do not hesitate to contact us via email (….), phone (….) or walk-in service (R.505, 97 Vo Van Tan Ward 6 Dist 3 Ho Chi Minh City)

LMS Log in:



    ELearning Center strives to achieve the following objectives:
  • Offering more flexible learning opportunities for everyone (learn anytime, anywhere) by providing online learning format.
  • Offering online programs including bachelor’s degrees, professional diplomas and certificates based on well-designed curricula and facilitated by qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Create a high-tech online learning environment by implementing advanced technologies in online teaching and invest more in insfrastructure in order to promote learners’ self-study.
  • Enhance self-study abilities, doing research and applying information technology in online learning.

Our mission is to assist faculty and staff to provide high qualified online programs for distance learners with advanced learning management system, well-designed learning materials, and timely supporting services.

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