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Ho Chi Minh City Open University cooperates with Fresenius University (Germany) for Master of International Business Administration training

Date: (20/01/2019)

After 44 years (1975 - 2019) of establishing good diplomatic relationships, Germany and Vietnam have been supporting each other in many fields, such as economy and trade, especially cooperation in culture and education strongly promoted by both countries in recent years. Besides contributing to improve the solidarity between Germany and Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Open University also promotes many-year tradition in constructing, sustainably and effectively developing cooperative relationships with prestigious domestic and foreign organizations, at 02:00 PM on January 20, 2019, Postgraduate Faculty under the University organized a workshop to introduce Fresenius University's Master's Program in Business Administration (Germany). The Program honorably received Assoc. Prof. Tristan Nguyen PhD. – Director of the Program and represented for Fresenius University, Nguyen Hoang Sinh PhD. – Co-director of the program, Representative of Ho Chi Minh City Open University. In addition, there is the participation of managers and experts who want to approach international standard MBA teaching methods in business knowledge, management and leadership.

This is an MBA program organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Open University with Fresenius University (Germany) with the desire to meet global learning needs and expand career opportunities for students in European countries. The MBA program is designed with specialized and practical subjects for managers, such as Strategic management, Leadership and leadership qualities, Approaches and principles for management and economics, Investment, financing and accounting, Leading companies during change processes, Corporate social responsibility and business ethics, etc. The training period is 18 months divided into 2 phases: The first phase is 8 months and is trained by Ho Chi Minh City Open University and the second phase is 12 months and is trained by Fresenius University. Especially, in the second phase, students are allowed to select to study at Ho Chi Minh City Open University with a staff of lecturers from Germany or directly study at Fresenius University (Germany) with equivalent tuition fees.

Prof. Tristan Nguyen PhD. – Director of the Program and represented for Fresenius University shared: “Fresenius University offers many scholarships worth Euro 2000 for students to freely participate in 1 subject in Germany to encourage the study. When coming to Germany, students may study and travel during the time of study. After completing phase 1 and phase 2, in addition to General Management, the program has many other majors for students to select, such as Finance & Accounting, Tourism & Event Management and Marketing & Leadership.

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