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More opportunities to work and practice for students of Ho Chi Minh City Open University.

Date: (19/04/2019)

In the strategy of sustainable education development, with the motto of expanding learning opportunities for learners, serving the community in connection with reality, the role of connecting universities, organizations and enterprises is always on the top concern. In the morning of April 19, 2019, Ho Chi Minh City Open University held a "signing ceremony to support students of Ho Chi Minh City Open University with affiliated units".

On the side of the University, there was the participation of:

- Assoc. Prof. PhD Nguyen Minh Ha - Vice Rector

- PhD. Du Ngoc Bich - Dean of Law Faculty

- PhD. Vu The Hoai - Vice Dean of Law Faculty

- PhD. Le Thi Tuyet Ha - Dean of Commercial Law Faculty

- PhD. Nguyen Thi Tam - Vice Dean of Civil Law Department

– MA. Nguyen Thi Hoang Oanh - Assistant Manager of High-quality Program

– MA. Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh - Deputy Head of Student Affair Department

Along with the participation of representatives from the participating units:

- State Legal Assistance Center: Director Nguyen Minh Chanh

- Le Nguyen Law Company Limited: Deputy Director Le Thi Hoai Giang

- INVESTPUSH Law Company Limited: Director Dao Tien Phong

- HK & Gia Luat Law Company Limited: Director Vo Thi Hong Hanh

- Law Space Company Limited: Lawyer Phan Thi Xuan Uyen

- Tam Quang Law Company Limited: Director Ha Van Chay

- TNJ Law Company Limited: Director Nguyen Thi Kim Vinh

- ATIM Law Company Limited: Director Nguyen Thanh Hien

- Luong Khai An Law Office: Manager Luong Khai An

- Tran Van Viet Law Office: Lawyer Cao Thi Loan

- Ly Nguyen Anh Law Office: Manager Ly Nguyen Khoi

- Quang Le Law Office: Lawyer Le Thi Thanh Tuyen

The ceremony was held solemnly with the goal of supporting parties, training human resources in Law, providing students a practical environment in parallel with the process of studying at the University. Then, the program will be developed and adjusted to connect with reality, especially exploiting the strengths of the parties to train good human resources to contribute to the society, helping students find jobs after graduation.  Here are some photos of the signing ceremony:

Ass. Prof. PhD.  Nguyen Minh Ha - Vice Rector thanked the partners who are Law  Companies and Law Offices for signing and cooperating with Ho Chi Minh City Open University to train and create good human resources to serve the community in the future. The University always focuses on learning that is closely related to the reality, invests to allow students to experience the working environment early before leaving the University and raise job opportunities for students.

PhD. Du Ngoc Bich - Dean of the Law Faculty also shared: “Through this signing ceremony, we will enhance the cohesion and cooperation to improve the effectiveness of student training. The University orients the application, making a difference for the students of the University through each academic year when being exposed to jobs in intensive majors, high job adaptation, and students of Ho Chi Minh City Open University will have strong career skills while studying at the University.”

On the side of Tam Quang Law Company Limited, Director - Lawyer Ha Van Chay is an alumni of the first course, Faculty of Law of Ho Chi Minh City Open University said on behalf of partner units: “On the side of law practice units, it is very honored to cooperate with Ho Chi Minh City Open University to receive students to visit and intern. The co-working units will join hands and contribute to the University to train excellent bachelors of law. ”

The signing ceremony took place successfully and marked the cooperation event between Ho Chi Minh City Open University and its affiliated units, hoping that this relationship will grow more sustainably and achieve good results.













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