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2019 Meeting of the Former Students of Biotechnology Faculty

Date: (26/05/2019)

After more than 29 years of establishment and development, Ho Chi Minh City Open University is proud to build up a quality and professional education environment. With large training scale and diversified majors covering almost all levels of training, many graduates have achieved certain successes, contributing to the socio-economic development of localities and entities. This is good news to be proud of. The success of students in life also means the success of the University in education.

Ho Chi Minh City Open University has successfully organized a meeting for the former students of Biotechnology Faculty. The meeting took place in the morning of May 26, 2019 at the campus hall No. 97 Vo Van Tan, Ward 6, District 3.

Attending the meeting, there is the presence of Assoc. Prof. PhD. Nguyen Minh Ha - Vice Principal of the University, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Le Huyen Ai Thuy - Deputy Dean of Biotechnology Faculty, PhD. Nguyen Ngoc Bao Chau - Deputy Dean of Biotechnology Faculty and all faculty members.

The meeting also honors the presence of distinguished guests who are former leaders of the Faculty in different terms:

Assoc. Prof. PhD. Nguyen Van Hanh - Former Dean of Biotechnology Faculty - Former Chairman of the University Board

MA. Nguyen Thanh Mai - Former Vice Dean of Biotechnology Faculty

PhD. Le Thi Thanh Mai - Former Dean of Biotechnology Faculty

PhD. Le Thi Kinh - Former Vice Dean of Biotechnology Faculty

MA. Nguyen Minh Hoang - Former Vice Dean of Biotechnology Faculty

PhD. Bui Thi My Hong - Former Vice Dean of Biotechnology Faculty

Assoc. PhD. Nguyen Minh Ha - Former Dean of Biotechnology Faculty

Besides, lecturers who have long time teaching in the faculty: Assoc. Prof. PhD. Pham Thanh Ho, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Dong Thi Thanh Thu, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Nguyen Du Sanh, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Dang Vu Bich Hanh, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Vien Ngoc Nam, MA. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, Lecturer. Vu Hoa Hung, Lecturer. To Minh Chau also attends this significant meeting. There are also more than 300 former students of 1991 - 2014 course of the Biotechnology Faculty attending the meeting.

This is not only an occasion for Biotechnology Faculty Alumni to meet each other, but also an opportunity for them to sit together to recall great memories of campus life and to update on the achievements of the University in general and the Biotechnology Faculty in particular obtained in the past years. In addition, the meeting is also a bridge connecting the Alumni of the Faculty and the University, thereby creating a premise for cooperation and mutual assistance in the social works in the future. Through the meeting, the University’s public relations have also been strengthened and expanded.

Also at the meeting, the Liaison Board of Biotechnology Faculty Alumni Club is introduced and launched. This is also part of the long-term development strategy of the Faculty for both undergraduates and graduates. The establishment of the Liaison Board shows the University’s goodwill towards future mutual cooperation in supporting undergraduates from the Alumni of the Faculty.

The meeting is successfully organized and the planned objectives are achieved; at the same time, the ideas, hopes and goodwill towards the cooperation and support for under graduates of the Alumni are acknowledged.  








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