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“Human Capital Needs of Modern Business” Workshop

Date: (02/08/2019)

On the first and second day of August in the year of 2019, at Hall of the campus of No. 35 - 37 Ho Hao Hon, Office of Cooperation & Research Management of Ho Chi Minh City Open University in collaboration with Interface Education Group (IEG), Malaysia organized a workshop with the theme "Human Capital Needs of Modern Business”. The rapporteurs were two representative experts from Manpower Vietnam Co., Ltd. and IEG Co., and with attendance of a large number of employees on both sides. On the side of the University, there is the presence of Dr. Le Thai Thuong Quan - Head of Office of Cooperation & Research Management.

At the Program, from a professional perspective of issues about the importance of human resources in the economic development of the country in general and the development of enterprises in particular, there were raised and discussed with the guidance of the rapporteurs. From the discussion, it has been generalized that the current situation of human resources does not meet the needs of businesses and society because the training and education programs have not had suitable reforms for the rapid changes of the economy and global integration. All these rapid changes have brought many development opportunities for businesses, however, the attached consequence is the lack of timely response and adaptability from the staff.

After the workshop, the staff of both companies have received a lot of useful information. Also, there are multi-dimensional perspectives on the outstanding growth when combining digital and automation applications in business. In addition, it is the current human capital needs of the enterprise, which open up new challenges and development opportunities for each individual in the enterprise.

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