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“Regulation Theory” Workshop at Ho Chi Minh City Open University

Date: (06/11/2019)

On the morning of November 6, 2019 at the 35-37 Ho Hao Hon canpus, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, a workshop called "Regulation Theory" with the presentation of the French economist Robert Boyer and presenter Nguyen Don Phuoc was held. This is an activity within the framework of the International Scientific Conference "Re-evaluating the process of Asian social development in the twenty-first century: An overview comparing Vietnam's achievements after 30 years of innovation and possible challenges." It was organized by the collaboration between the Southern Institute of Social Sciences (SISS), the Institute for Southern Asian Contemporary Studies (IRASEC), the French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) and  Ho Chi Minh City Open University.  The seminar lasted for 4 days from 6 to 9 November 2019.

 In addition to the presence of Professor Robert Boyer and presenter Nguyen Don Phuoc, the workshop also honorably welcomed many guests from other organizations.  From Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Associate Professor Ph.D. Nguyen Minh Ha (Rector) and lecturers of the University also attended the seminar.

 Professor Robert Boyer is an economist graduated from University of Paris and a senior researcher at the American Research Institute (Paris, France).  He is one of the initiators and developers of the theory of regulation. He also developed a historical analysis and comparison of the institutional transformation of capitalism from the perspective of this theory.

 The workshop is considered a gathering place for professors, researchers, lecturers and students who are passionate about Economics to widen and exchange necessary and useful knowledge in this leading field.

 The "regulation" school of thought is one of the radical economic schools of thought  that first emerged in France, then quickly influenced economic models in the United States, Britain, Germany, Northern Europe and Japan. The regulation has been increasingly noticed by Southern Hemisphere countries over the past two decades. Accordingly, this approach was developed by many prominent economists to become a "global trend" and an important doctrine in the field of economics.


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