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Ou Students Live Green With Films

Date: (15/06/2020)

More than 2,400 students participated in 4 film weeks with 4 films called "Special investigation: Why does sand disappear?", "Protecting water is protecting life", "The Aluminum Age: Comfort and Threats" and "Textile: Toxic Fashion". These are useful activities of Union members and students of Ho Chi Minh City Open University in the Youth Month of 2020, in order to convey the message of "Green Living", propaganda about the awareness of protecting the living environment, protect natural resources and use green and clean energy through films on the theme of vivid and attractive environment for Union members and students.

"Green living with films" is a project in the series of activities of the Youth Month 2020 by the Youth Union in collaboration with the Center for Development Research of Ho Chi Minh City Open University. The project is implemented in 4 weeks, each week the organizers deploy a film with a specific topic. Students participating in the project must click to watch the film, memorize key figures, key details of the film ‘s content and then answer the questionnaire set by the organizers given every week. Accordingly, the organizers awarded the Student's Week award with the highest score for answering questions and the earliest reward of VND 300,000. Information about winners and the list of students participating in each week will be published at the fanpage Ao Xanh OU.

The results of the project are as follows: The first week of the film is deployed with the movie "Special investigation: Why did sand disappear?". With a duration nearly 75 minutes, the film provides useful information about the world's sand resources and human activities that are depleting the third most used resource in the world. For the first week of the film, a 10-question set of questions attracted 688 students. Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, a student of K17 course, Faculty of Law, successfully answered 10/10 questions in the shortest time and received the project's weekly award. The second week of film was launched with the film "Protecting water is protecting life". With a duration of nearly 85 minutes, the film mentioned the activities of countries about the struggle for control of clean water in the world and water is considered the green gold of the world. The message of the film: people must act immediately because the world's freshwater resources are limited and will be exhausted if not recreated and protected. Mai Ky Hiep, a student of the K19 course in Law, excellently answered 15/15 questions in the shortest time and won the second week of the project. This second film week attracted 487 students.

The third movie week was launched with the movie "The Aluminum Age: Comfort and Threats". The 89-minute film provides useful information on aluminum exploitation, the production of compounds, human health and data on aluminum resources around the world . Phan Thi Tuyet Trinh, a K17 studentcourse of Special Training, excellently answered 15/15 questions in the shortest time and received the project's weekly award.

The third film week has 552 students participating. The fourth movie week with the movie "Textile: Toxic Fashion". With a duration of 57 minutes, "Textile: Toxic Fashion" has provided viewers with specific data and events related to the textile industry affecting the environment, the standards of the textile industry and The effects of textile chemicals on human health. Vo Thi Hong Tham, student of K18 course in Finance and Banking, won the project's weekly award with the absolute score of 14/14 and the earliest time. The fourth film week attracts 684 students.

After 4 weeks of implementing the project with 4 films, the project attracted more than 2,400 students and found 4 excellent students who achieved the highest results to award 4 weekly awards worth 1,2 million VND. The project has received a great response from Union members, students and high interaction on social networks. This is one of the delegation's propaganda activities to protect the environment.