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New Erasmus Project with the participation of Ho Chi Minh City Open University is granted in 2020.

Date: (10/08/2020)

Since the implementation of Erasmus Plus programs by Europe, the Ho Chi Minh City Open University has been actively working with the European partners to prepare the bidding documents for various projects. In 2020, the project “INnovative Capacity Building by Participative and Reflective teacher training for Academia, Society and Enterprise” (INCREASE

by acronym) has been selected out of more than a thousand projects, with the total budget 994.831 Euros. This project is led by the Universitaet Klagenfurt as the main applicant and Ho Chi Minh City Open University is one of the beneficial partners.


The main aim of the INCREASE project is to sustainably modernize and update the pedagogical and didactical training capacities of teachers, trainers, lecturers, and other persons involved or responsible for training in Asian countries (including Vietnam) via the support of European partners. Two sectors are selected are agriculture (which focus on food) and hospitality. They are two important sectors for Asian countries, with a large contribution to overall economic growth but still with various hindrances such as foo securities, human resources for hospitality. To contribute to the solutions for the problems mentioned, this project aims at building capacity for various target groups: teachers, students, university managers, enterprise, and labor forces.


This project enhances the position Ho Chi Minh City Open University in international cooperation; opens new opportunities for lecturers, students to experience and engage in international activities; and increases the contributions of the university to both local and international communities. It is also a signal of the recognition for the Ho Chi Minh City University's capacity and prestige by the international communities.

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