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Conference on Summarizing the Science and Technology Activities of Ho Chi Minh City Open University in 2023

Date: (14/09/2023)

Ho Chi Minh City Open University organized the Conference on Summarizing the Science and Technology Activities in 2023 on September 14, 2023, in Ninh Thuan Province. The conference aimed to share and enhance the quality of research and issues related to scientific activities and technology transfer at Ho Chi Minh City Open University.


Attending the conference, there was Dr. Do Sa Ky, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the University Council, Professor Dr. Nguyen Minh Ha, the President of the university, as well as the university’s leaders and learners.


An overview of the Conference

In his speech at the conference, Professor Dr. Nguyen Minh Ha, the President of the university, highly praised the significant achievements that the university has made, emphasizing the essential role of research, publication, and technology transfer at the university. He also highlighted the importance of innovation and the application of information technology in scientific and technological management.


Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Minh Hà speaking at the Conference


During the past academic year, the university carried out various activities in the field of scientific research. Members of the university conducted research on 84 topics, and the number of scientific publications significantly increased with 657 publications both domestically and internationally. Additionally, the university registered authorship rights for two software programs and established two more research centers.


Regarding the scientific research activities of learners for the academic year 2022-2023, there were 376 published research topics. The results led to 114 awards, including 17 first prizes, 36 second prizes, and 61 third prizes. This marked a significant increase of 21 awards compared to the previous year.


Furthermore, the university organized 54 scientific events within the country, such as seminars and discussion, aimed at improving the quality of teaching and research for learners. Additionally, the scientific journal publication department operated effectively and established the Ho Chi Minh City specialized  Scientific Journal - Advances in Computational Structures.



The success of the university's science and technology activities is the result of the collective efforts of the staff, learners, which contributes to the development of the research and practical research application field.

Written by: Quang Khánh

Pictures taken by: Thiên Phát

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