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Ho Chi Minh City Open University focuses on developing practical training for learners

Date: (05/05/2021)

At HCMCOU, learners are able to participate in networking programs, do internships at agencies/enterprises. Then, they have opportunities to learn, interact and experience practical working environment, enhance their own soft skills and be well-prepared for work after graduation.

Learners have a real-life experience early

During the study period in HCMCOU, the learners are focused on training professional skills and soft skills. These contents are combined into lessons taught in classes, extracurricular activities, academic contests, student clubs’ activities as well as practical learning courses and internships at Agencies / Enterprises.


Particularly, learners from biotechnology discipline have chance to engage in co-op programs with My Lan Group. This learning process includes semesters at the school interspersed with semesters working in private companies or government authorities. Thus, learners will gain working experience during learning period at school, and get paid for internship semesters.


This is not the only discipline of the school that implements application-oriented training. The same with learners in Finance - Banking, They also have opportunity to practice working on simulation bank at Ho Chi Minh City Open University called OUBank, in aims of supporting the learners experience transactions, real situations and systemic practice with material facilities as a real bank. Additionally, learners from advanced faculty are trained through stimulations, field trips and internships.


HCMCOU also organizes many activities as international culture exchange activities, skill seminars, scientific conferences along with activities of clubs, teams, groups, etc.


According to HCMCOU’s survey, there are nearly 90% graduates are employed within the first 3 months after graduation. The recruiters are highly satisfied with the training quality and most learners are willing to recommend HCMCOU to their relatives and friends to study.


Be confident to participate in the Labor Market

Starting from the University’s core value of promoting teaching and research to meet the requirements arising from reality, Ho Chi Minh city Open University has constantly associated with the businesses so far, always supported students in finding appropriate internship jobs, bringing opportunities to learners a training environment and gaining experience, confidence, bravery and maturity when participating in the labor market.


With the motto of multi-disciplinary, multi-level training in application-orientation, Ho Chi Minh city Open University effectively connects with local authorities, businesses through flexible and convenient methods so as to help learners to succeed after graduation.


After 31 years of establishment and development, HCMCOU has granted thousands of bachelors, masters and doctors - high quality human resources in order to meet the international integration and the 4.0 industrial revolution. So far, HCMCOU has connected with 307 reliable enterprises/ companies.


“The profound aim of the interactive relationship between the University and Enterprises from the training perspective is that the University will support learners in solving career outputs for learners after graduation so as to develop training programs close to the reality and improve the effectiveness. From the Enterprises’ perspectives, human resources that have been trained in working environment and have essential professional skills can be applied immediately, help to reduce costs and re-training time. The proactive connection between the University and enterprises initially solves the supply-demand macro problem of professional human resources” - confirmed by a HCMCOU representative.


Ho Chi Minh city Open University delivers multi-level training programs from Bachelor, Master and PhD, also multi-discipline in variety fields in Economics, Business Administration, Foreign Languages, Law, Society, Engineering, IT, etc. In addition, there are also affiliate programs granted by Flinders University, Bond University - Australia, Rouen University - France.

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