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The Signing Ceremony for Cooperation on Student Support & Awarding Vietnam Entrepreneur Bookcase between Ho Chi Minh City Open University (HCMCOU) and Saigon Entrepreneur Magazine

Date: (23/12/2021)

As a part of the Sustainable Education Development Strategy of Ho Chi Minh City Open University, the cooperative relationship establishment between the school with organizations, businesses is an important application-oriented cooperation to facilitate learners’ practical approaches. Accordingly, on the afternoon of December 23, 2021 at Conference room 120, No. 97 Vo Van Tan, Ho Chi Minh City Open University held a signing ceremony for cooperation on student support & awarding Vietnam entrepreneur bookcase between HCMCOU and Saigon Entrepreneur Magazine.

The partnership agreement was signed by representatives of the Saigon Entrepreneur Magazine, Mr. Tran Hoang - Editor-in-Chief and Dr. Le Nguyen Quoc Khang - Vice President of HCMCOU. In addition, attending the signing ceremony were in the presence of Mr. Ngo Vi Dong, Chairman of the Board from HPT IT Services Joint Stock Company, also Vice Chairman of the Entrepreneur Book Development Council; Mr. Ngo Xuan Loc - Sale Manager of Saigon Entrepreneur Magazine; From HCMCOU, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trinh Thuy Anh - Dean of Business Administration Faculty; Mrs. Au Thi Cam Linh – Director of HCMCOU Library; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh - Head of Department of Student Affairs, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh - Deputy Head of Department of Student Affairs.

Cooperation in selection and in-depth study of entrepreneurship examples for teaching and communication

At the meeting, two parties discussed a number of issues related to the orientation of organizing the Luong Van Can Talent Award in 2022 - A playground for young intellectuals. HCMCOU wishes to nurture young talents with entrepreneurial abilities and qualities, contributing to the training of future entrepreneurs with ability to do real business for not only enriching themselves but also contributing to building a strong national economy - Dr. Le Nguyen Quoc Khang shared.

Mr. Tran Hoang - Editor-in-Chief of Saigon Entrepreneur Magazine expressed: “With the school's long tradition and our successful partnership, we hope to find alumni who are now entrepreneurs to learn and carry out research. I believe this will be a valuable document which easily inspires and creates pride, self-esteem in the hearts of like-minded students about Vietnamese entrepreneurs and especially generate excitement over the business world."

Launching the Entrepreneurship bookcase at the University’s library which encourage students to read books about Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Awarding Vietnam Entrepreneur Bookcase is one of the key activities which make a substantial contribution to: Building and forming a reading culture for the University's students; Spreading values, affirming the role of books in learning and life to the student community; Thereby, entrepreneurs' stories and business values ​​are brought closer to students, helping students develop their critical thinking, broaden their knowledge and enhance skills to meet the needs and optimize efficiency in their future workforce. The bookcase is also a valuable resource which easily inspires and creates pride, self-esteem in the hearts of like-minded students about Vietnamese entrepreneurs and especially generate excitement over the business world.

Receiving the bookcase, Msc. Au Thi Cam Linh - Director of the University Library told that the library will arrange the bookcase at Mai Thi Luu campus, District 1, where there are a lot of students, especially students of the Faculty of Business Administration. In the coming time, the library will coordinate with the faculties to organize book review and evaluation programs to ignite the spirit of the Vietnam Entrepreneurship bookcase to lecturers and learners.

The two units agree on implementing the development directions, and at the same time promising to bring practical experiences

The two parties discussed more about spreading entrepreneur examples by synthesizing research papers into books or inviting those entrepreneurs together with Saigon Entrepreneur Magazine and HCMC Open University to transform into books. This activity would become laden with meaning, both in terms of expertise and experience as a gift with many sustainable values, especially in the current context, when today’s young people are increasingly disconnected from books and fuel their temptations on social media. Therefore, the University is very supportive and highly appreciative of the development of reading culture that the Magazine is implementing, which is a valuable work, in line with current and future trends," said Mr. Khang. In response to the support of Dr. Khang, Mr. Tran Hoang expressed his appreciation for the cooperation between the two units, and at the same time proposed agreements with the University in promoting effectiveness of the cooperation.

Additionally, the two sides also cooperate in organizing communication and career guidance along with skill workshops for students; Connecting internship and career needs to students as well as organizing Enterprise semesters.

The two work together on research, survey, and forecast the demand for human resources in undergraduate and higher education level in various fields (priority is given to 4 industries and 9 key service industries of Ho Chi Minh City and the country in general).

Select and assist the participation of outstanding students’ start-up projects in the Luong Van Can Talent Award. The Award-winning projects will be transferred or established start-up businesses.

In joint activities, the two parties will cooperate in media of the university’ researches related to businesses and entrepreneurs in the Saigon Entrepreneur Magazine; To organize seminars, forums, exchanges together between students and businesses; To Support for high school students in city and the whole country to build career orientation; To Cooperate in building the Vietnam Entrepreneur Bookcase.

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