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Graduation Ceremony of the Vietnam-Belgium Joint Training Program in 2022

Date: (18/06/2022)

On June 18th, Ho Chi Minh City Open University held a graduation ceremony and granted master's degrees for the 2021 Vietnam - Belgium affiliate program in 2022. This is also the year marking the 27th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam - Belgium Program (Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management)


Since its very first establishment with only 1 major (now has developed to 6), the Vietnam-Belgium Affiliate Program has constantly improved and has trained nearly 2,000 masters specifically for the South. Majors that have grown over a 25-year period include Information Systems and Management, State’s Economics Management, Administration, Business Administration, Marketing and Communication Management, Performance & Quality Management. The program has provided the society with a high-quality human resource working in the country and abroad.


In this year's graduation, the program has 38 newly graduated masters, including: 11 new masters in Business Administration, 23 new masters in Marketing & Communication Management and 4 new masters in Business Quality and Performance Management.


Keeping up with the national requirements and trends in training high-quality human resources; Fostering digital transformation in Vietnam’s postgraduate programs; Developing bilateral cooperation on educational, economic, social issues, etc. The newly graduated masters are middle and senior managers (directors, general directors, team leaders, senior specialists, etc.) of corporations, groups, enterprises, departments such as Nike Company, Rhoto – Methalium Vietnam, Tracimexco, Circle Vietnam, Rex Hotel Saigon, VNPT net, Goldsun Focus Media, Turkish Airlines, Goldsun Focus Media, United International Phama VietNam, etc.


On behalf of the University, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Ha - President of the Ho Chi Minh City Open University sent his warmest congratulations to the new masters and highly appreciated their efforts and progressive spirit during their studies. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Ha hopes  after graduation, students will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in the future workforce. He also gave positive reviews on the Ho Chi Minh City Open University and the Free University of Brussels - Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management for innovative teaching and learning solutions on various platforms in order to improve the training quality and ensure the training program is on schedule during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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