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New learners captivated by over 70 Clubs and Teams at Ho Chi Minh City Open University

Date: (06/10/2023)

In addition to investing in and enhancing the quality of education, the Ho Chi Minh City Open University places special emphasis on fostering a dynamic learning environment, providing numerous enriching activities for learners. Currently, the university has established and boasts over 70 clubs and teams operating in various fields. Through participation in these clubs and teams, learners pursue their interests, hone their skills, and equip themselves with essential skills for personal development.


Clubs, Teams – A place for self-improvement and seamless integration into new environments.


One of the spaces that offer practical lessons for learners is the diverse array of Clubs and Teams. Here, learners not only gain knowledge related to their areas of interest but also experience and develop crucial skills:

  • Teamwork Skills: Participating in these organizations, learners collaborate with teammates who have different perspectives, personalities, and work styles. This helps learners become adaptable, good listeners, and adept at synthesizing ideas for optimal results.
  • Planning and Time Management Skills: learners must balance their study time and the time dedicated to their organization's activities. Consequently, they learn to plan effectively and allocate their time wisely to accomplish tasks.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Engaging in activities, especially those organized by Clubs and Teams, exposes learners to unexpected situations. This provides an opportunity for critical thinking and devising effective problem-solving approaches.
  • Fantastic Benefits of Joining Clubs and Teams

Participating in Clubs and Teams not only equips learners with necessary skills but also brings about various excellent benefits:

  • Training Points: Joining Clubs and Teams earns learners training points. This criterion is one of the criteria used for scholarship evaluation, commendations, and other priorities as per university regulations.
  • Broadening Relationships: learners meet and work with many like-minded individuals. This helps build relationships that progress both in academics and professional life.
  • Confidence: This is an opportunity to step out of one's comfort zone, overcome shyness, and develop communication skills, showcasing one's unique personality.
  • Increased Future Job Opportunities: Participation in Clubs and Teams is often viewed favorably during recruitment. It demonstrates that learners are dynamic and have acquired certain skills during their academic journey.

Over 70 Clubs and Teams at OU


"I learned about extracurricular activities and clubs before enrolling, but the reality is much more than what I knew" - shared a new student.


The university and its faculties organize and manage these Clubs and Teams according to specific orientations, tailored to the learners' fields of study and interests. However, all aim for a common goal: creating beneficial playgrounds where learners can pursue their passions, develop themselves, and contribute their abilities to the university and the community.

Throughout their development, the university's Clubs and Teams have achieved many milestones, organizing meaningful and practical activities. For example, the Volunteer Blood Donation Team annually organizes a blood donation day along with workshops and events related. The "OU Green Plus" club holds OU Thanks, a series of community service activities that include promoting and proposing ideas and solutions to enhance environmental awareness. The "Hit Crew" dance club represented the university in the national VUG competition – VUG Dance Battle Open Cup 2023 and received an encouragement award, etc.


Every year, the university organizes The Open Club Day, a platform for learners to connect with Clubs and Teams. It's also an opportunity for these groups to showcase their roles, organizational capabilities, and promote their image to all learners.

Currently, there are 72 Clubs and Teams at Ho Chi Minh City Open University operating in diverse fields:

  • Academic: Nikoniko Japanese Club, ZWS Chinese Club, Mobile Programming Club (MPC), etc.
  • Sports: OU Basketball Club, Open Chess Club – OCC,etc.
  • Arts, Dance: Night Guitar Club (NGC), Modern Dance Club – Triple S Crew, Passion Club, etc.
  • Photography, Media: Young Media Club – YOUM, N.I.M Photo Club, etc.
  • Community Service: Volunteer Blood Donation Team, OU Green Plus Club, etc.
  • And many other Clubs and Teams: Legal Club, Young Human Resources Club – YHRC, Scientific Research Club – SRC Club, etc.

Ho Chi Minh City Open University always encourages learners to participate in the vibrant extracurricular activities of Clubs and Teams, fostering conditions for learners to socialize, connect, and develop comprehensively.


Explore more about Clubs and Teams at the university in the Student Handbook or visit:

35-37 Ho Hao Hon Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (84-028) 38364748
Fax: (84-028) 39207639 hoặc (84-028)-39207640